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“Stay and Clay Awhile” Kit

Clays are a rich combination of natural minerals that are... $ 30.99 learn more >

“Lick-able Lava Lamp Lip Gloss” Kit

Create your own natural lip gloss with a bit of... $ 31.99 learn more >

“Lip Smackin’ Good” Lip Balm Kit

Whether you’re new to making your own body care products... $ 29.99 learn more >

“Get Salty With Your Sweetness” Kit

These mineral-rich salts nourish the skin while creating a soothing,... $ 32.99 learn more >

“You Can Salve If You Want To” Herbal Balm Kit

Known as an ointment, balm, or rub, an herbal salve... $ 29.99 learn more >

"Just Face It” Nightly Facial Kit

A nighttime skincare routine is essential for giving your skin... $ 32.99 learn more >

“Your Main Pit Stop” Kit

For the truly health-conscious label reader, our natural deodorant kit... $ 32.99 learn more >



"Bump, Birth & Beyond" New Mama Kit

What better way to start the journey of motherhood than... $ 40.99 learn more >

Lip Balm Kit: Mini Version

Want to make your own lip balms from scratch but... $ 9.99 learn more >

Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Kit: Mini Version

Create your own natural lip gloss with a bit of... $ 9.99 learn more >

DIY Natural Deodorant Kit: Mini Version

A smaller version of our regular sized kit, this natural deodorant... $ 11.99 learn more >

DIY Clay Mask Kit: Mini Version

With the ability to create and tailor a weekly mask... $ 11.99 learn more >

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